frequently asked questions

We are well-funded and experienced entrepreneurs investing our own funds in new businesses.

No, we do not operate investment funds for clients. We invest through our own businesses using personal funds.

This fluctuates as we enter and exit businesses, but as an average, we are usually invested in between 10-20 businesses either as passive or active investors.

100% of businesses with good business plans that fit with our target sectors, great management and a mutually agreeable investment offer are made offers. However, many requests for funding are simply lacking the detail or or the knowledge that we require to proceed to an offer.

No. We do not offer consumer products or products to individuals. We offer investment in businesses only.

No. Because we offer business-to-business investment, we are not regulated by the FCA in the UK. Their role is protect and regulate consumer financial services businesses. We operate according to UK business law and regulations regarding business investment and shareholding.

We are offering serious investment partnerships to professional business owners. By charging a nominal administration fee to cover our costs of assessing the applications, we ensure that we only receive applications from clients who are willing to back themselves and their business. Offering free applications in the past meant that we were deluged with a huge number of non-serious offers.