If you can answer “Yes” to all these questions, we are interested to hear from you

  • Do you have an exciting business plan?
  • Do you need investment for start-up or growth?
  • Do you have a business plan which explains your idea?

If the answer to Question 3 is “No”, contact our sister company at www.startupwizards.co.uk for discounted business plans.

Our simple process works as follows...


You send us your business plan and application form explaining a little about you, your business and your reasons for investment along with an application fee depending on which service you require.

(We charge a nominal application fee to cover the cost of our administration to evaluate and reply.)


Single Application - £10
Application with Fast Reply (48 hours) - £20
Application with Evaluation Report & Consultation call- £99


Within 14 days, we will revert back to you with either

  • A decision on whether we would like to back your business through investment.
  • If Evaluation Option selected, feedback report on the investment offer explaining the reasons for either an offer or a rejection, with suggestions about how to secure alternative financing.
  • IN CASE WE ARE INTERESTED - a non-binding investment offer explaining our level of interest and suggestion further discussions to invest in your business.