We are a small team of investors and business owners who are looking to invest in new businesses with enthusiastic, passionate and talented entrepreneurs.


We offer a new & streamlined alternative to the tired model of Angel Investor Networks. These can be difficult to navigate, to find the right investors for you and to get attention. They have become similar to crowdfunding, but with a higher price.

Bayleaf only invests our own funds and gives you a fast decision on your investment request for a very small application fee. This solution is faster and cheaper than endless meetings, calls, travel and writing that pitch deck.

We run our own businesses and can help you build yours, with funds, knowledge and passion.

what we require

We consider all types of businesses to add to our portfolio, but have a particular interest in food and beverage and hospitality enterprises due to the experience mix in our own business.

We need a solid business idea, a thorough business plan and passionate management.